Saturday, May 8, 2010

Harry Connick Jr.

I just caught American Idol the other night with Harry Connick Jr. He was by far one of the best mentors for that show, ever. This man is amazing! I've always been a fan of his music, but as I watched him, I started to really appreciate how incredibly talented he is. C'mon, aside from his obvious good looks, boy can he sing. He has that crooner voice and so much soul. He has reintroduced my love for the Blues and his love and dedication for music is inspiring and contagious. I love how he has so much passion! I love how he can play that piano like nobody's business. I love how he loves Louisiana and where he came from. I loved him on Will and Grace. He even has a really great sense of humor. But, seriously, the amont of talent that is in that human is mind blowing. He has surely made his mark in the music industry. Mom, why did you let me quit piano lessons?

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