Thursday, May 13, 2010

Modern Pioneer

Did anyone catch that recent interview with Craig Newmark? I was so impressed with this man and it really got me thinking about how our world is changing because of not only the internet, but because of the connection of people and causes through social networks. Craig Newmark is the founder of Craigslist. Being from San Francisco, I remember being introduced to Craigslist in the mid 1990's. I've bought and sold things (even a car), I've set up poker parties for my husband, I've found a place to live and I've even found a job on Craigslist. That sight has been my "Go to" sight for all my needs and even wants too. To see how this sight how grown; its now worldwide and has connected so many people is ingenious. I think the one most important thing that I got out of his interview is that these social networks offer an individuals a voice. No matter what your cause is; group, idea, or party, it allows the power and influence to flow. Its a way to act together in goodwill by building a network of trust. He said that he believes that customer service is public service and public service is customer service. I'm gonna focus on that statement today! I applaud Mr. Newmark! Great Job!

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