Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Record Food Drive by 230,000 Letter Carriers

So I read today that the Stamp out Hunger Food Drive organized by the National Association of Letter Carriers hit the 1 Billion pound mark. That's holy incredible! So, this all went down this past Saturday. The National Association of Letter Carriers, the US Postal Service and Campbell Soup Company teamed up to collect donations of food along postal routes. It was the largest one day food drive in our nation's history. These non-perishable foods will be delivered to food banks and will ultimately hit nearly 10,000 communities. What is so amazing is that in one day, they collected more food (that's 1 Billion pounds) than what was collected since this food drive started 18 years ago. There were 32,000 fans on Facebook too. Go Stamp Out Hunger 2010!!!

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