Monday, May 10, 2010

Those People Who Work at the ICU @ Queen's Medical Hospital

I just wanted to acknowledge the wonderful and amazing people who work in the ICU at Queen's Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. For the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and the rest of you folk, I applaud you. I saw my father die three times there and you all brought him back to life. You took care of him and monitored his every breath. For every second, you watched his blood pressure and his other vital signs. You talked to him when it seemed he wasn't there. You gave him respect and I know that you all did everything you could in what seemed like a dire situation. You were kind and supportive to my mother. I believe you all had him in your prayers too. After he was transferred out to another hospital, he slowly got better. You know, he totally came back!! I was able to spend nine more months with him until he died. But, during those nine months we talked every day. Our relationship was so strong as I knew that time was limited and I cherished him very much. Thank you for giving me that time with my father!

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  1. How wonderful and amazing of you to acknowledge the great work of those people. Most don't even think twice about the healthcare providers that do such service to our loved ones.