Friday, May 14, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Don't you just love Dr. Oz? Leave it to Oprah to discover yet another brilliant person. Dr. Mehmet Oz has took this medical awareness by storm. His show is on in the mornings, in the afternoons and I think late night too. Don't bother just trying to catch a few minutes of his show because its so informative, it will just suck you in. He covers so many current health topics, but the most important thing that he's trying to get people to do is to notice what their Real Age is according to your weight, cholestoral levels, blood pressure, diet and exercise practises. He stresses that the #1 killer of Americans is Heart Disease, but its so fixable by changing your diet and exercising. He's so sweet and its obvious that the ladies go gaga for him, but his warm and genuine caring is so evident. Once you see his show you'll want to take that next step for living a healthier life. Oh, and eat berries!

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  1. You really have an eye for the beautiful! Each of your pictures conjures up another sense within me. This last picture makes my mouth water, remembering just that squirt of pungent juice from those raspberries. Thanks for sharing our talent with us!