Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

For my first blog, I wanted to talk about a 29 year old superstar. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become one of my favorite Indie turned mainstream actors. Well, he's been acting since he was a wee kid on that show 3rd Rock from the Sun. I first came to know him when my husband took me to see Mysterious Skin. I walked out of that theater a totally different person. I pondered that movie for days and have seen it a few times more. It is today, still, one of my favorite movies. JGL is this amazing actor who has starred in countless Indie flicks and actually has a movie coming out this summer with Leo DiCaprio. What intrigues me about him is not only his incredible acting, but he is the founder of this incredible online, international, collaborative production company. Its an amazing concept and I was hooked the moment I stepped inside of that HitRECord world. He has created this community of artists- writers, musicians, animators, singers, graphic artists, editors, etc. etc. who come together to collaborate on projects. A couple of them screened at Sundance and at the South By Southwest Film Festival. Its one of the most positive online communities that is filled with the most creative people you can find. And, JGL is there. He is guiding and participating and encouraging. He is using all of his Hollywood contacts and experience to get HitRECord noticed and its growing like a weed. I am blown away by his creativity, (he sings, plays music and is quite the editor too) his dedication and his passion for the arts. He is definitely carving out a whole new path for this multimedia, cinematic conglomerate. Keep an eye out for him because he's gonna be a major player!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? One minute you watch someone and they're just a chld star; the next minute they're grown and have made their name in the movie business (sometimes good like this one, sometimes not so goood). Nevertheless, you know that this only means that we, too are creatures of the aging process because we're getting older, too!