Friday, May 14, 2010

PR Superstar - Kelly Cutrone

So I just finished reading, "If you have to cry, Go Outside and other Things Your Mother Never Told You" by Kelly Cutrone. I finished the book in a couple of days and all I can say is I wish I had read this in my 20's, or even my 30's for that matter. This read was fantastic and Kelly kicks butt! Kelly Cutrone is the founder of People's Revolution which is a Public Relations Company specializing in the Fashion World. She runs offices in LA, New York and London and is a single mom of a young 10 year old named Ava (who is the love & center of her life). I suppose she hit the main stream after being on a couple of MTV Reality shows and just got her own reality show last season, aptly named, "Kell on Earth." If you first see her, she comes across as this uptight, all black wearing Gothic, Rocker chick with a bitchy disposition. Well, I guess she can be and has been known to overwork her employees, but she is definitely one to be reckoned with in the Billion dollar fashion industry. She is so brilliantly smart and is good, or rather, incredible at what she does. She works hard and has been a key person in the fashion world; designers count on her to market, publicize and brand them and their collections. I was so impressed with her story and its amazing to see how she got from growing up in upstate New York to NYC. I enjoyed especially reading about the spiritual side of her and how she assembled her own religion. Basically her way of living and creating the best person she can be. The book is part autobiography, part career building do's and don'ts and part how to feel whole and complete. The chick is honest and different and knows "where she stands in the pack." One of the chapters in her book is titled, " Bitch is not a Bad Word." That alone made my day! I wish I could have been an intern there. Go Kelly!

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